Source: @seventhgraphics

Secret To This Picture Will Surprise You

Without further ado, observe the following 4 pictures:

A camera and a bunch of photos on a table; stationery; guitar; a box of chocolates... They are all quite good shots, don't you think?

But there is a massive secret to all of them - and here they are:

Did I say photos? Because they aren't - they're all computer generated!

I look back at the finished pictures, I still can't guess that they are photos!

Even if you zoom in, it's still totally realistic to my eyes:

These works were created by Asakuraryo (@seventhgraphics), who is a CG director. Do you want to know how it's done? Here's a video of the CG making process:

I didn't realize how realistic and photographic graphic you can make nowadays on a computer. I bet it won't be long before no one can really tell them apart!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.