"Haikyo" is the Japanese word for "ruins", but can be used to refer to both physical locations of abandoned places as well as the act of exploring them. A popular hobby for fans of adventure, many seek out abandoned schools and hotels, as well as leftovers from bygone times such as Nintendo Game Boy mailboxes, not to mention spookier places for horror fans like submerged villages.

The combination of creepy and captivating that haikyo locations have has made them a hot topic for photographers, even being shown in exhibits.

Haikyo photographer toshibo (@JIYUKENKYU_jp) definitely found a subject that shows off the photographic charm of such abandoned places. toshibo recently explored an abandoned facility and found the striking scene of an escalator that had been reclaimed by nature:

Source: @JIYUKENKYU_jp

"A picture of an escalator that's returned to the wild."

The elevator (and well, the facility itself) has been overrun by surrounding vines and weeds, some of which have risen up from the paved ground that has long been gone. The photo was a big hit with haikyo fans on Twitter, with many comparing it to video game scenery--particularly the world of Nier, as well as imagining it as the inevitable future of the earth.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.