You wake up every morning, brush your teeth, shower, and get ready to take on a brand new day by opening the door and stepping outside--only to find a swarm of cats meowing at you and demanding your attention!

For some that's a blessing, for others a curse. For YouTube user karmanno, it's a business agreement.

The video, appropriately titled "Every day. Every. Darn. Day.", shows karmanno opening his door in the morning, only to find a bunch of cats cutely meowing at him and clamoring for food. After a few seconds, he relents and they go into a feeding frenzy. While some people are against feeding stray cats, karmanno explains in comments on the video that they live on his farm, and hunt down rodents and pests in exchange for food, saying "these cats live on my farm. They hunt rodents for me, and I take care of them. They live a happy life."

So it sounds like a great deal--they keep his farm pest-free and get fed, and he gets to feel like a cat celebrity every morning!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.