Japanese bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard has dabbled in realistic blends of cute and creepy before with their big-eyed cat head and dog pillows, but one of their latest products may have more in common with Japan's viral sexy daikon raddish huggy pillow. Those of you who have dreamed of a day where you can cuddle up to produce on your couch can rest easy, as a lineup of giant vegetable huggy pillows and cushions are here for you.

The series of veggie cushions is called vihannes, which is Finnish for "vegetables". As you can see, they are large vegetable-themed cushions that Village Vanguard recommends decorating your sofa with or using a huggy pillow. They come in three different varieties--corn, potato, and Chinese cabbage.

They're available for order within Japan from Village Vanguard's online shop, with the potato and cabbage priced at 1,944 yen and the corn priced at 3,218 yen. If you're outside of Japan and want to cuddle up with some comfortable veggies, Amazon has them available as well.

By - Big Neko.