Always listen to your dad, even if you can't take him seriously with his silly Kumamon pajamas.

In a video posted by Japanese Twittery funny guy Tamuchin, a son's shut-in gamer lifestyle catches up to him in the worst way possible. His father had already crushed his previous PS3 with a sledgehammer, so when Tamuchin went out and bought a PS4 to one-up him? Well, let's just say that dad was none-too-happy to see him not learn his lesson!

Here's a shortened version with just the good stuff, but below we'll post the original video in full-length. The gist of it is the dad has already told his son and his friend (referred to as "4-eyes" and "John Lennon") to keep it down. They don't get warned again.

The full length video can be seen below. It's a bit longer, but perhaps after all the angry-man Japanese the smashing end will seem more cathartic--it actually has a much better finale!

Tamuchin, as you can see, was left in the fetal position. His PS4 was crushed physically, but he was totally obliterated emotionally and mentally, as you can hear in his tortured screams (in Japanese) "STOP IT! STOP! STOP! YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH--I GET IT--STOOOOOOOOP!!"

That's why he swore vengeance with this tweet, which reads...

"I'll get you back."

...and yeah, if you haven't figure it out, this was staged. Still, it's funny nonetheless, and you have to admire Tamuchin's dedication to giving us something to laugh about here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.