Source: @utiwapanya

Japanese Bakery Cooks Up Adorable Corgi Butt Bread

This isn't the first time we've seen strangely adorable dog butts turned into snacks, as shiba inu butts recreated as traditional Japanese sweets will show, Japanese bakery "Uchi wa panya!" (We're a bakery!) @utiwapanya may have topped them all. The Sapporo-based bakery showed off what appears to be its new fan favorite, with corgi butt shaped bread!

There's no denying that a doggo's butt can be pretty damn cute, but corgis in particular have a reputation for fluffy adorable posteriors. If you're wondering, the bread is actually filled with apple jam and custard, so these corgi butts are as sweet as they are cute.

If you're in Sapporo, you can stop by @utiwapanya for some corgi butts of your own--although it looks like they have a full menu of adorable breads to try out.

By - Big Neko.