If you live in Japan, you’re more than likely to harbor a special appreciation for tea. This feline resident is no different, enjoying a bowl of green tea in a highly-refined manner.

This elegant cat (who is actually drinking a mix of water and pet health supplement that adds the green tint) is one of seven cats that live with Japanese Twitter user @m3396 and her husband. Sitting in front of not one but two bowls of “green tea,” he repeatedly dips his little paw into the bowl and licks it. He reminds us of a seasoned tea master meditatively immersing himself in the aesthetics of the Japanese tea ceremony.

And if like us, you thought that this cat drank all his kitty beverages this way, we’ll have you know that he doesn’t. This is what he looks like when he’s devouring a delicious bowl of milk:

So why the difference? No one knows but the cat himself, but we’re thinking he’s begun picking up a very Japanese way of life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.