Peyang is one of Japan's leading brands of yakisoba, and while they seemingly come out with a new unusual flavor every month (they recently released an Apple Pie flavored take on fried noodles, of all things), they seem to have a fondness for releasing their popular instant noodles in big sizes--famously introducing a 4,184 calorie giant serving in the past.

Their "bigger is better" attitude continues, this time in the form of a "Super Big and Round" yakisoba flavored senbei cracker.

Senbei are traditional Japanese crackers, and Peyang's new take on them recreates the flavor of their yakisoba by kneading both their yakisoba sauce and cabbage into the dough of the crackers. The Peyang yakisoba sauce senbei will be released nationwide starting December 1st.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.