If you want to understand the root of Japanese history and culture, Kyoto is one of the best iconic okapis to visit. This year, they are celebrating the 400th year of Rimpa, a well-known Japanese traditional art style that will now be collaborating with Anime characters! It will be a moment of anime characters’ traveling back to the Edo period.

But what is Rimpa?

Rimpa is a traditional art style established a little prior to the Edo period. Rimpa artwork was commonly drawn clothing, industrial crafts and books.

Rimpa’s art style is mainly described in three characteristics:

Decorated paper with gold or silver backgrounds, strong composition, and repetitive patterns. Nature, like flowers and grass is a popular subject. In some other cases, you can see some of them focusing on live objects like people, bird, and animals.

Here are the some beautiful Rimpa anime artworks that will be showcased this week in Kyoto.

The event starts from December 26th to January 17th in Kyoto Loft.

Main collaborations:


「ジャングル大帝レオ」Kimba the White Lion

「鉄腕アトム」Astro Boy

「リボンの騎士」Princess Knight

「グリザリアの果実」The Fruit of Grisaia


「らき☆すた」Lucky Star

「ハローキティ」Hello Kitty

By - grape Japan editorial staff.