Harajuku is known around the world as the mecca for young Japanese fashionistas bursting with individuality and a unique sense of style. One such fashionista is Haruka Kurebayashi, a street fashion superstar and Decora girl.

Kurebayashi is known for her fashion brand 90884 and as a model for Japanese fashion magazine KERA. She’s also famous for her Decora fashion — a Harajuku fashion style that’s bright, loud, and in your face. In pursuit of kawaii, Decora girls and boys pile on large hair clips, hats, colorful layers of clothing, and sport some pretty awesome hairstyles. And of course, they put a lot of time and effort into doing their makeup.

Knowing how difficult it can be to get your makeup done perfectly, Kurebayashi kindly posts makeup tutorials on YouTube for fellow Decora girls and boys, or just curious viewers. In this video, she shows you how to become an expert at “flashy color makeup.”

Let’s start!


Source: YouTube

First, put in some color contacts


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Scoop LOTS of eyeshadow and apply


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Putting on eyeliner never looked so easy


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Put on fake eyelashes


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Apply mascara


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Draw in some more eyelashes


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Don't forget your eyebrows!


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Apply blush under your eyes, like a cockatiel


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Finish off with some lipstick


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Source: YouTube

There you have it! Most of us will probably have to start with going on a huge makeup haul to even try to do what she did in the video. And while many viewers found the completed look to be colorful and cute, many others found it to be overwhelming, almost on the verge of being creepy.

What do you think? Would you ever try out this look?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.