I knew Japan is a place where you can find cute and clever culinary food designs, but nothing can bypass this kind of creativity art (picture below) that has over 10,000 tweets in a week.

Yes..! A floating Green Broccoli with Cooked Yakisoba noodles on the bottom, very clever! A great inspiration from Ghibli’s classic movie “Castle in the sky” that won the Animate Anime Grand Prix in 1986.

Here are some comments from the Japanese net users:

nah... it’s people from Mars.

the balance... lol

this is not edible...

ooohhhhh!! Looks exactly the same!!

yeah... let’s add that to a wine glass, shall we?

Wow, this really bring back old memories.

Anyway, to someone of who may think this is non-sense, a true Ghibli fan could probably relate more to this beautiful artwork.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.