Nagoya is home to Osu Kannon Temple, a popular historic site that houses a carved wooden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. Tourists from all over Japan visit the temple, and now, even pigeons are flocking to the site.


Source: @katoh_ryou

According to Twitter user Misusabu, a storage area for pigeon feed (as marked by the sign on the stand) located at the temple was raided by a hungry horde of pigeons. They appear to have pillaged the goods stored inside, and spread the love to fellow pigeons who no doubt gathered in a moment's notice. The cause? "Somebody forgot to close the glass door." This is especially humorous, as a notice placed on the door clearly reminds in Japanese that "If you open the door, please close it when finished."


Source: @katoh_ryou

We're sure the higher-ups of the temple's bird food storage bureaucracy will be a little angry at whoever let this one slip, but hopefully they'll be forgiven. After all, Kannon is the goddess of mercy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.