A dream collaboration between miso and rock!

This is the rock band Miso Shiru's, whose major label debut album in 2014, "Me So She Loose," made it to number 5 on the charts.

This band seems to have been named just for this kind of collaboration, and as you'd expect? they partnered with Marukome.

Marukome's president may be celebrating the company's 160th anniversary a little too hard.

The product that was born of their partnership is "Miso Shiru's Rock-infused Miso Soup."

At a planning meeting at Marukome, someone said "Maybe if we play rock music for miso, it will taste better!?" and the company went with it. At Marukome's main factory in Nagano City, Nagano, they really are playing rock music for the miso!

Marukome and Miso Shiru's video "World's First Rock--infused Miso" at the factor

After taking the necessary sanitary precautions, the Miso Shiru's perform in the miso storeroom. It is too surreal.

Miso Shiru's comment

We rocked the miso's socks off with some hard and crazy rock. In making the miso, the company listened to all of our demands and came out with a product that's so good, you'll hardly believe it's instant.You often hear of playing classical music to wine or foods while they're ripening or fermenting, but how does the rock music actually make the miso taste?

From Marukome Official Site Press Release

By - grape Japan editorial staff.