Usually, if you're in such a deep sleep that a horde of rodents surrounding your body doesn't get you up, you've either had too much to drink or are having the dream of your life. For cats, it's much simpler--they just really, really, really like to sleep. Such is the case with this feline sleepy head, who refused to budge an inch even when covered from head to toe with dozens of stuffed mice.

Japanese Twitter user @oken_ne tweeted what seems to be a little experiment in waking up their cat. As @oken_ne says, the cat was extremely patient--or perhaps just dreaming of chasing real mice.

One mouse to test things out...


Source: @oken_ne

Maybe this will do the trick!


Source: @oken_ne

Truly the face of a cat who has better things on their mind.


Source: @oken_ne

The stuffed mice toys appear to be these cheap guys readily available at Ikea, which explains why other Twitter users are jumping in on the fun--you might even call them copy-cats...we'll show ourselves out.

Looks like this was a successful attempt!


Source: @nekonoboris

By - grape Japan editorial staff.