While Studio Ghibli fans were thrilled to hear that an official theme park for the beloved animation studio would be opening up in Japan, the ongoing pandemic has no doubt put a cloud over the park's opening. They now have a time to look forward to, however, as the Aichi prefectural government has announced that the park will officially open in fall 2022, and provided concept art and photos that show how the park will recreate the worlds of some of Studio Ghibli's most popular films.

Some new concept art and details have Studio Ghibli fans even more excited, however, as Aichi governor Hideaki Ohmura recently shared new images of the park's features--including concept art behind the park's very own Howl's Moving Castle.

Above is a CG model of the castle which will be in the park's Witch's Valley area, which Ohmura says will be fully painted, stand 16 meters tall, and feature cannons that rotate like eyeballs. Park guests can explore the inside of the castle, including a recreation of Howl's bedroom.

Also shared was a glimpse at the park's Princess Mononoke Village, which is a recreation of Irontown and Emishi Village in Princess Mononoke. The area is said to have a traditional charcoal grilling experience, and a viewing platform from the fort.

The Dondoko Forest Area is dedicated to recreating the world of My Neighbor Totoro, including a reproduction of Mei and Satsuki's house.

The Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse area houses shops and cafes, an exhibition room, video display room, and is rumored to also have a Cat Bus building, but also features an area inspired by The Secret World of Arrietty. The area presents oversized garden plants to put park guests in the position of being a borrower from the film!

As well as castle ruins from Castle in the Sky.

The Ghibli Grand Warehouse area will fuse Japanese and Western architectural styles aiming for a nostalgic and charming aesthetic found across Studio Ghibli films as you explore the many shops and attractions in the area.

The Hill of Youth area contains a recreation of Rotary Plaza and the antique shop Chikuya (Earth Emporium) from Whisper of the Heart, where Studio Ghibli goods can be purchased. There will also be a recreation of the "Cat's Office" from The Cat Returns. Along with Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle attractions, the area will see an existing elevator refurbished to reflect the science fiction architecture of Castle in the Sky.

By - Big Neko.