Moving is stressful enough as it is. But when someone tries to get in your way while you pack boxes, nothing can be more annoying.

... Unless the one being pesky is a happy, fluffy, adorable pomeranian that just loves playing with the boxes. Sure you need to pack, but that can wait.

Japanese YouTuber miomio3030303 had to deal with this not-so-terrible dilemma when her dog discovered its deep love for cardboard boxes. Every time she tried to pack something up, her furry companion was already there, an angelic smile on its face.

"These toys are neat, let’s play."


Source: YouTube

"You need to pack? Sure!"


Source: YouTube

"But first, play!"


Source: YouTube

Out of excitement, the pomeranian even shows off its incredible jumping abilities, hopping easily from one box to another. And when its human flipped one over to prevent it from jumping back in, it decided it would just sit on top and play instead.

With a dog like this, how can anyone get mad?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.