Japan’s high-end electronics manufacture Cerevo received a project to recreate a gun from a famous sci-fi detective anime Psycho-Pass. Although most manufactures are more geared towards to the business mindset of gaining more profit equals cutting the material cost, that equation does not align with Cerevo; they do not fool around like Toys R Us. The company did not only copy the exact design from the anime, the replica itself also transforms to identify the front target's identity, which is exactly how is presented in the storyline.

The gun is called Dominator, a significant use for “Crime Coefficient Analysis.” When it points at a target, a number of scores will show up to analyze whether your opponent is a criminal or not. What’s more, when you connect with your smartphone, it will allow Dominator to capture and stream an image from its built-in camera to the companion smartphone app. Fancy enough to row out and capture some criminals.

Realistically, if you do show up with this kind of serious type of gun, the opponents would probably have already scattered away because the outside layer is installed with 200 high brightness LEDs with a grip touch sensor. The LEDs flow in patterns that replicate the three function mode of Paralyzer, Eliminator or charging modes. Enough to freak out enemies when they can't identify the monster gun you are holding.

In addition, for more intensive situations, there are 100 different voice samples from Noriko Hidaka who voices the Dominator for Psycho-Pass. While you are the controller of the gun, it talks like you are ready to fire off some serious turns...

As you might expect, the Cerevo’s Dominator comes with a heavy price tag. The special edition that includes all the neatest bells and whistles will cost you 89,800 yen (US$800). Incredibly hard to pull the trigger to pay the price since it cost more than a regular police gun. Anyhow, if you are super fan or a dedicated cosplayer, this might be a reasonable price for you to tackle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.