Popular cyberpunk anime Psycho-Pass enthralled us with its compelling storylines and characterisations when it was first shown, but it also left us grappling with a host of ethical conundrums.

Now thanks to a new AR game coming to Tokyo, perhaps being able to step into the characters's shoes ourselves will help us understand their point of view further.

Of course, actually living in Psycho-Pass’s dystopian society, reigned over by the all-knowing Sybil System is not an appealing prospect. But just tentatively dipping your toes in through the magic of augmented reality could be a fun experience for any fan who ever wondered what it’s like to be a Dominator-wielding inspector or enforcer.

The game itself is situated in Shibuya and, adding to the realism, the storyline is also set in the same district of Tokyo, just some time in the future (year 211X). Something is afoot in the bustling hub, since there’s a sudden rise in the 'area stress' levels. As a recruit of the Public Safety Bureau, you’ll work alongside the series’ main characters like Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami to solve the mystery. You’ll also be issued (as in lent for the duration of the game) your own Dominator, the weapon used in the series, and a regulation windbreaker to really get into the role.

Those who love a bit of anime paraphernalia for around the house will also be interested in the merchandise which is going on sale from the beginning of February. The futuristic looking Rubik’s Cube often handled by the Chief of the Bureau has been recreated as a tissue box costing 500 yen.

The game, called Shibuya Psycho Hazard, will be around until 30th June. It can only be played by adults and the whole thing will be in Japanese, so if you want to finish the game you really have to be confident enough in your language skills to solve a crime, which is a bit of a tall order to be honest. But if you think you can outwit a criminal mastermind, you can book a time slot online.

By - Jess.