Is the day where we no longer need to push our chairs around the office manually approaching? Not quite, but these Intelligent Parking Chairs developed by Nissan to promote their new intelligent parking feature for automobiles are fascinating people around the world so much that perhaps our dream to feel futuristic by simply sitting down will one day come true.

As demonstrated in the video, all it takes is a clap of the hands and the chairs automatically guide themselves back to the table and align themselves properly. While it may not sound too amazing initially, such a feature has the potential to make finishing up things in classrooms and meeting rooms much, much easier--it also provides endless opportunities to goof around. You could pull a chair out from behind someone without actually touching it!

So how did they do it? Well, they took chairs that could already automatically rotate 360 degrees and developing a targeting system for them. Sensors are installed on the four corners of the ceiling, and WiFi-control allows the chair to be guided to their predetermined "original place." So while there are some parameters here to fit things into, it's the skeleton of a system that could benefit a lot of people.


Source: YouTube

So while they are designed to intelligently cruise and park themselves like their automobile counterparts, we can only imagine the chaos that might unfold if a round of applause were to break out after a successful presentation. Either way, you can check out the promotional video below that shows off both features, while hopefully the day where we can effortless glide around in our chairs like a Bond villain comes closer.

Those interested in seeing a display in person can check out the Nissan Headquarters Gallery in Yokohama, from February 19th-23rd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.