It's no secret that protocol prioritizing safety as a countermeasure to the ongoing pandemic has put a strain on not only restaurants, but the farmers that rely on businesses to buy and use their produce for meals. In Japan a growing number of companies have started initiatives to find uses for perfectly good food that at risk of being needlessly discarded.  

Inatani Plat is one such effort. The project takes the highly praised and uniquely prepared vegetables of Nagano prefecture's Ina Valley, particularly those normally used at local restaurants, and makes them available in home cooking sets for gourmet meals.

The "Decorated Vegetables of Ina Valley (a.k.a. Deco Veggies of Ina Valley)" project was born out of the desire to "connect with Ina Valley and make people love Ina Valley" through delicious ingredients unique to the region.

"Turnip Clam Chowder with Colorful Ina Doya Deco Veggies"

Galette of buckwheat flour with deco veggies from Ina Valley.

The collaboration with local restaurants in Ina Valley will run through March 31st for those in Japan looking to not only support people in the area and battle food waste, but also try out some highly praised gourmet and hopefully a taste for exploring Ina Valley and it's many vegetable-based dishes.

For more information, check out the Ina Valley Plat store.

By - Big Neko.