The world is full of mouthwatering treats, but making one yourself is a totally different story. Who has time to make delicious, adorable baked goods when life is throwing you lemons and spiky pineapples and whatever else you can think of, anyway?

But before you throw away the chance to make something unbelievably cute and yummy, watch this Pikachu Roll Cake tutorial. Just watch it.

Just the thought of a Pikachu roll cake is amazing in itself, but to know that it can actually exist in real life (and that you can eat one) brings tears to our eyes. And thanks to YouTuber Rosanna Pansino, baking one has never looked easier.

No special ingredients are necessary, save for some food coloring and a Pikachu template.

Decorating Batter Ingredients:

・(7) Tablespoons Butter

・(3/4) Cup Powdered Sugar

・(1) Cup Flour

・(3) Eggs

・(1) Red Food Coloring

・(1) Black Food Coloring

・(1) Yellow Food Coloring

Roll Cake Ingredients:

・(1/2) Cup Flour

・(1/2) Cup Sugar

・(4) Eggs

・(1/4) Cup Hershey's Cocoa Powder

・(4) Tablespoons Butter or Margarine

・(1) Teaspoon Cream of Tartar

Making it doesn’t seem too hard, especially since Pansino explains each step as simply as possible. All you really have to do is:

Make the batter


Source: YouTube

Separate into 4 bowls and dye each one


Source: YouTube

Draw the Pikachu faces


Source: YouTube

Make another batter for the roll cake


Source: YouTube

Pour the batter


Source: YouTube

Bake, fill, and roll!


Source: YouTube

If all goes well, it should end up looking something like this (extra points if you dressed up as Pikachu):


Source: YouTube

If you haven’t noticed already, you can make roll cakes in all kinds of different patterns in exactly the same way! Why limit yourself to just making a Pikachu roll cake when you can be making one for all your other favorite Pokémon characters too?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.