For true cat lovers, it isn't enough to just cuddle with a cat. You must become one with the cat. You must learn its lazy lounging ways and purrfect them as an art-form. Fortunately, the latest in bizarrely convenient fashion has Venn Diagram of lazy people and cat lovers covered with this adorable cat-themed snuggie with a kangaroo-like pouch for your cat to boot.


Source: Unihabitat

Unihabitat, who previously released a hoodie version, have decided to go all the way with the Dame-Neko, or the Mewgaroo jumpsuit as it is officially called in English. "Dame" translates to "no-good", and in this case refers to no-good lazy behavior (lounging around in a jumpsuit), and "neko", as more people are finding out, means cat. And that is more than appropriate, as Unihabitat is advertising it as indoor-wear that will help you and your cat be "no-good" together. Just check out some of the interesting features to see just how "no-good" you and your feline friend can really be.

The Mewgaroo pouch is the main feature, for obvious reasons.


Source: Unihabitat

"A pouch to make the cat "no-good" as well!"


Source: Unihabitat

You're cat will never leave you with options to cuddle and play!


Source: Unihabitat

But if they need a break, you've got them covered.


Source: Unihabitat

Introducing the "while-wearing-toilet-system"--meaning you can use the bathroom without disrobing.


Source: Unihabitat

And take your cat hostage in there as well.


Source: Unihabitat

But if you don't have a cat to cuddle up with, that's no problem. The primary function of the suit is allow you to behave as lethargically and carefree as a real cat would on their day off (read: all the time).

Just curl up and forget life's worries.


Source: Unihabitat

A tail, cat ears, and paws--all you need is the attitude!


Source: Unihabitat

The one-size-fits all kitty jumpsuits are available for order on both Amazon and Rakuten. While you can't choose the size, you can pick between Toraneko (tabby cat) and Mikeneko (calico cat) patterns. They're listed at 8,100 yen ($71 USD).


Source: Unihabitat

And if you need some convincing, here's a video.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.