Japan looks to be the midst of a dessert buffet frenzy, with every imaginable kind of sweet and savory buffet popping up throughout the country. Each is complete with a theme catering to various tastes, from fragrant matcha to extravagant food themed after the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland.

August 27th marked the arrival of another dessert buffet, this time at the Conrad Tokyo Hotel. Offering an array of delicate, aesthetically refined cakes and food, this weekend-only buffet will transport you to a fairytale world that’s as tasteful as it is tasty.


Source: Conrad Tokyo

Conrad Tokyo’s Cerise Afternoon dessert buffet is only open on weekends from 3 to 5PM. Lucky guests will be welcomed by long tables of beautiful desserts and savory foods made by internationally renowned Argentinian sous chef Gabriela Gomez.


Source: Conrad Tokyo


Source: Conrad Tokyo

One of the hotel’s top recommendations is the custard egg tart with nutella, but with gorgeous plates of pistachio cupcakes (decorated with cream roses), creme brulee, spinach bread, grilled vegetables, tapenade, sandwiches, and so much more, it’ll be a conundrum trying to figure out how to eat everything.


Source: Conrad Tokyo

This fairytale dessert buffet can be enjoyed for 3,500 yen (33.90 USD) per person, and if you pay an extra 500 yen (4.85 USD), you’ll get a refreshing glass of champagne to accompany your feast. If you’re able to get a coveted seat at the restaurant, you’ll certainly have a weekend to look forward to.

Cerise Afternoon dessert buffet

Location: Conrad Tokyo Hotel, 28th floor
Time: 3-5PM, weekends only
Price: 3,500 yen (33.90 USD)/4,000 yen (38.75 USD) with champagne

By - grape Japan editorial staff.