Finding free graphics isn’t hard, but finding ones you actually want to use might be a little more difficult. But if you just so happen to be looking for simple icons with a Japanese touch, you’re in luck.

Origami Animals by Agne Alesiute is a series of free icons in the shape of origami animals. They’re cute, stylish, and versatile, and are available for download for both personal and commercial use. They can be used on websites, flyers, certificates, blogs — anything your creative mind desires.

Animals include turtles, penguins, dogs, giraffes, hummingbirds, even insects. You’ll need to register with your email address or Facebook account to download them in either PNG or SVG files. If you download them as SVG files, you’ll be able to edit them further using a SVG-compatible app or software.

Even if you’re not currently working on a project that needs graphics, you can save these anyway for future use! We can’t wait to use them, either.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.