The Saiyan prince Vegeta has a strong pride as being one of the most elite and strong species in the Universe. However, no matter how much pride he has been carrying with him, there is no way you can take down anyone, especially if someone’s power ability is over scaled...

Recently, Bandai made a Vegeta figure that looks awkwardly nervous, and his whole body shakes with plenty of cold sweat on his fore head. One of those rare scenes where he looses his cool when he realizes the gap differences between him and his enemy.

The product is described as the figure of Vegeta's first time ever being desperately in fear from the bottom of his heart. The huge panic trembles down through his whole body, and instantly made him cry.

Anyhow, a Saiyan prince is still a person, it is totally fine to be scared of something for once in a while.

The crying deperate Saiyan Vegeta sells at 4,949yen (US$44), and shipping schedule for June.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.