Putting on a kimono, or even yukata, can be a bit of a commitment if you want to do it properly. And no matter how gorgeous they look, those long sleeves can be a problem in the summer-time heat and humidity. That's why a kimono designer in Kyoto, Kimono Factory nono, has released a casual take on the traditional Japanese garb, fashioned into a hybrid with a short-sleeved T-shirt.

The series is called "Kimono Underwear", and while that may initially strike you as a bit unappealing, don't worry. Underwear refers to the Japanese word "shitagi" (下着), which can refer to all garments worn underneath, and in this case refer to the undergarment worn under a kimono. As you can see, the traditional crossed-over-collar lends itself to a typical polo-shirt style look from afar, but up-close maintains the look of a kimono.

You can even slip it on underneath your kimono as a bonus.

100% cotton, with a button to keep things adjustable.

While it is advertised a Kimono T-shirt, the series actually reminds of an even more casual take on an already casual traditional Japanese clothing item--the jinbei, which is often worn as summertime housewear at night, or even in substitute of a yukata at a summer festival.

The Kimono T-shirts are available at Kimono Factory nono's official website store, and can be purchased in dark navy, wine, grey, and black colors for 6,480 yen ($57.48).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.