Shibuya is a city that symbolizes Tokyo. As a melting pot of various styles, cultures and ideas, it is a city where anything can happen, as shown in this comic illustration series from IKEA.

To commemorate the opening of IKEA’s new store in Shibuya, the home furnishing company has created a comic illustration series that brings their popular soft toys to life by depicting them in ‘every-day situations’ amongst Shibuya’s iconic cityscape.

Fantasy and reality mash together to create fun illustrated stories that really aren’t that hard to believe.
In the series, IKEA soft toys come to life and roam the city of Shibuya, exploring and finding happiness in their new home – Instead of Shibuya’s iconic go-kart street tours, the toys can be seen racing around the city in an IKEA RÅSKOG wagon, hoard’s of the store’s popular shark soft toy BLÅHAJ disembark from the city’s last train in a stereotypical rush home, and at the game center all sorts of IKEA toy characters have a bit of fun and get up to mischief.

The illustrations are produced in collaboration with three of Tokyo’s up and coming female illustrators; Emi Ozaki, Unpis and Kei Mogari, with each story depicting IKEA’s worldview portrayed in their own unique styles.

Currently, the outer wall of IKEA Shibuya’s second floor is decorated with IKEA toy stories from Unpis. More illustrations are available to view both in the store and on the website. To commemorate the grand-opening collaboration, a limited number of eco-friendly tote bags and posters are available from the store on a first-come first-served basis.

If you could imagine a world where IKEA’s iconic soft toys come to life, what would they be doing in yours?

By - Connie Sceaphierde.