MUJI, Japan’s minimal lifestyle retailer with locations all over the world, has showed us that their simple and chic products don’t just have to be for sprucing up your home decor. It turns out that they’re versatile enough that, not only can they be matched with various themes of interior design, they can actually be used to create an epic model of the city of Tokyo.


Source: YouTube

The feat was taken on by MUJI and Tokyo city in a collaboration titled “10,000 Shapes of Tokyo,” where 10,000 different products from MUJI were used to recreate a smaller version of the city. The work is meant to promote Tokyo to overseas shoppers, and “deliver new appeals and experience of Tokyo to everyone.”

It has been on display in Taipei at Taipei MUJI Uni Style since March 5th, and will stay there until March 13th. From there it will travel to New York MUJI Fifth Avenue, where New Yorkers will be able to get a taste of Tokyo for the longer period of March 19th to April 24th.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

The simplicity of the products brilliantly portrays the luminous neons iconic of the city, giving it a sleek, modern look in a way only MUJI products can. Subdued but nonetheless colorful patches of color pop out against the predominantly transparent cityscape, adding the finishing touches to the elaborate project.


Source: YouTube

Just a quick glance shows rulers, organizers, clocks, makeup, measuring tapes, diffusers, soap dispensers… the list goes on. Avid MUJI fans are encouraged to find as many different items as they can, but MUJI also has an online gallery featuring all the products in the model (and which part of the city they were used to represent) for all you others who are curious but would (understandably) rather put your effort into something else.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.