Next time you’re thinking of giving someone a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you might consider taking a trip to Havaro instead of heading over to the local flower shop.

Havaro, located just outside of Tokyo station, specializes in creating gorgeous edible flower bouquets. Delicious and absolutely breathtaking, they consist of bavarian cream cakes adorned with colorful flowers and fruits, all created by pastry chef Junichi Watanabe.

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According to Havaro, edible flowers are similar to herbs in that they are aromatic and rich in vitamins and minerals. In the sweet creations of Watanabe, these flowers accent the various types of bavarian cream cakes made at the store. There are plenty to choose from too, with three different types of cakes — Bouquet, Fleur, and Pétale — and six flavors of bavarian cream — yogourt à la vanille, fraise, orange, chocolate, fromage à la crème, and matcha.

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Although you’ll only find Havaro in Japan, there are two other locations in the country at Lazona Kawasaki, as well as Ikspiari next to Tokyo Disney Resort. An elegant twist to the usual bouquet of flowers, these edible bouquet cakes will complete any celebration for both flower-lovers and dessert-lovers alike.


Location: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, TOKYO Me+ 1F
Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM~8:30PM/Weekends and Holidays: 9AM~8PM
Official Website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.