Many people make and pack lunches for various reasons, for example, to eat healthy or to save money. In doing so, what you pack your lunch in would affect your menu. In the midst of this, one type of lunch box is becoming a bit of a senstion in Japan.

Meet slim-type bento box Foodman by CB Japan:

Compact yet plenty of space!

This lunchbox fits right in with A4 size documents. While being only 35 mm in height, it has a volume of approximately 800 mL. Now, that's plenty for most people.

Because it's so slim, it will fit in your bag quite well. It's like a sealed lunch plate!

Keep it vertical

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With normal lunchboxes, you have to be careful not to tip it over to prevent leakage, but with "Foodman", you don't have to worry about it.

Look, no leaks!

Thanks to a unified packing between the lid and the container as well as the four locks, this bento box keeps everything into place.

Partitioned to let you fit in a whole bunch of dishes!

Reheat? Of course.

The container is microwave-proof (so long as you take off the lid), which means you can have hot heated lunch.

There is also a half-size version of this container: it makes carrying your packed lunch even easier!

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Although overseas shipping may be limited, the container is available for purchase on Amazon (Japan).

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