If it is your first time using Japan’s vending machines, you will be stunned for awhile at first. Not only because of the language barrier, but the advanced technology behind the vending machine would cause you complete shock to the point of not being able to purchase a drink. And while you are spending your jeopardy time in figuring it out, you have already missed your next train.

In Akita prefecture, there has been some old vending machines that serve Japanese Udon and Soba since 1973. While foreign country's vending machines are serving drinks and snacks, they already mastered the level of serving real food through vending machines. Not fair, but it’s Japan.

The Sahara company set up the same vending machine for over 40 years. But recently because of the company owner's retiring age, he is going to discontinue to make Udon and Soba machine, and plans to withdraw all the available ones that is still currenlty running. After the local people heard the tragic news, everyone felt sad and waited in a long line in front the vending machine for its final day of service.

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As same as any other regular vending machines, when the orders become heavy, the inventory will soon to be emptied, and it needs to be filled immediately. But the owner couldn’t keep up the speed with his current age status, and needed 50 minutes to cook more soup.

Owner's note: The soup ran out, I deeply apologize, and will be back around 5:30, sorry again.

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Fortunately, after seeing the desperate customers waiting and begging for a vending machine noodle, the owner decided to launch a new one just behind the Akita port Station on March 16th. The local folks nearly cried in happiness, and couldn't appreciate more the owner’s generosity.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.