For better or for worse, the world has sort of come to expect eccentric and over-the-top products from Japan, especially when it comes to bizarre flavor combinations. So when marketing teams for Japanese companies put together their April Fool's gag products, you could make an argument that they really don't have their work cut out for them, because they've been releasing such wild and inventive products all year long to begin with.

2016 so far has been no different, with Japanese companies openly trolling their fanbases on Twitter with products that while may threaten the limits of sanity, would ultimately make you shrug your shoulders and say "well, it is Japan, after all." In fact, some of them look so awesome that people are clamoring for their actual release. While that may be just a pipe dream, we can at least laugh at these zany products, that on any other day, we could have probably presented without batting an eye.

Asahi decided to promote their new beer, "The Dream", with this lovely new device that all gamers and beer lovers would riot for:

A Dreamcast that serves you ice cold beer

Or how about the antics of flavored-water king Ilohas? I mean, we already have wasabi Kit-Kats and cola, so this really isn't that much of a stretch. You could probably even put a health-spin on it.

Wasabi-flavored water

Perhaps the cruelest is this tease of a Neon Genesis Evangelion vs. Godzilla, a feature film crossover teased by Toho that is totally believable as Evangelion director Hideaki Anno is helming the upcoming film, Godzilla: Resurgence. I mean, with this beautiful artwork how could you not want this to be real?

Godzilla vs. Evangelion


Source: Evangelion

Or perhaps our personal favorite, and a product for a friend that everyone definitely has: a pill that makes your farts smell like cherry-blossoms. Called "Nonara", this product is a play on the Japanese word for "fart"--onara, and the company even went as far as to make an English language release that states, "It's as if sakura are blossoming inside my ass hole!" While the company name ("first day of the month") and product price give it away as a joke, enjoy the hilarious video below that has English subtitles that can be turned on.

Japanese fast food chains have no problem releasing items that could be April Fool's gags all-year-round, but Mosburger went the extra mile this year with their Mammoth Burger.

The Mammoth Burger

Or how about a tape-writer that writes...Tempura?

If somebody was actually going to invent a Ghost-fighting Proton Pack, I'd put my money on Japan. Sadako can be a really big problem in some house-holds.

Real Proton Packs!

With a believable promotional video.

Gudetama officially retiring from Sanrio?! Well the lazy egg is just so...lazy, that it could actually happen!

Gudetama too lazy to work for Sanrio anymore.

Can't you just imagine a collaboration between popular video game series Yakuza and Licca-Chan that lets you battle Japan's Barbie?

And last, but certainly not least, something you'd be surprised didn't already exist on the streets of Akihabara...

The Bra and Panties VR System


Source: Maybesoft

They may not be real, but it's nice to have a day where we can dream of drinking beer from our gaming systems, fighting ghosts, and farting flowers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.