Shiba inu are beloved among canine fans for a lot of reasons, but their seemingly limitless expressiveness is certainly an endearing one. Whether they're falling in love with instant noodle pet beds or spending a touching photoshoot with grandma, shiba inu have a certain charm when expressing their feelings.

So one of the highlights of Japanese Twitter user Minisuzu's (@RKfWUAQ1xbOEEAp) day must be when they return home to find that their 9-year-old shiba, Suzu-chan, has raced to the door to greet them with one of her favorite toys.

Apparently, Suzu-chan brings a different toy each day depending on her mood. During her most recent greeting, she apparently was torn between a stuffed robot and a heart plushie, so she brought both--and ended up choosing the heart with as big a doggo smile as you've ever seen!

While it's very considerate of Suzu-chan to bring two toys to her owner, it appears the biggest present of all was her giant smile and unbridled joy, which delighted many on Twitter squealing with jealousy over the idea of having such a lovely greeting waiting for them each day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.