Japanese commercials are known to be over-the-top and downright ridiculous, but every now and then comes a commercial that will leave you in tears during the advert break.

Marukome, a Japanese miso soup paste manufacturer, has left viewers with misty eyes with their new 90-second animated commercial about family love and the relationship between parents and their children.

The Delinquent Son

Kazuyo travels to Tokyo to visit her friend, but doesn't know her way around the big city. Her son Takashi picks her up from the station, offering her a place to stay during her time there.


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Thinking back on the years when Takashi was a delinquent teenager, Kazuyo can hardly believe that he now has a family of his own, with a loving wife and young son.

“He was such a difficult teenager back then. It’s a miracle that he has his own family now.”


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The next morning, Kazuyo wakes up to the sight of her son in an apron, effortlessly cooking up breakfast and lunch for the whole family.


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“Don’t look so surprised,” Takashi says to his mother.


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“Dad, can you believe it? Our son is making bento!” Kazuyo says to her husband who is now in heaven.


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As Kazuyo sits down at the table to have her breakfast, she tells Takashi that she’s fine with just toast, like her grandson. But Takashi has already prepared a breakfast specially for her.

“I know you always have rice for breakfast, mom.”


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The breakfast is placed before her, and a sudden surge of emotions rushes though her body.


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“Dad... grandma’s crying!”


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The commercial is a moving story of parents who never gave up on their son no matter how difficult he was when he was younger, as well as the growth and maturation of that young teenager who, as he grew older, began to truly understand and value the love with which his parents raised him.

Maybe we don’t have to do anything special to show our parents our appreciation. Maybe the best way to thank them is to simply show them how much we have grown over the years, and always strive to be the best adults we can be.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.