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Japanese Poll Ranks 10 Ugliest Pokemon

Pokemaniacs and those not quite so into the hit series would probably agree on one thing: the Pokedex is filled with a variety of cute and cuddly pocket monsters to collect and duke it out with. Unfortunately the creators of Pokemon did not bestow attractive aesthetics unto every single Pokemon, and even made some come across as a bit repulsive. Japanese survey and research site Goo Rankings sought to find out just who were the ugliest of them all, asking Japanese people to vote for who they thought the ugliest Pokemon was and ranking them accordingly.

A total of 500 people (split evenly between 250 men and women, each) aged 20-30, were asked to name the ugliest Pokemon. Keep in mind that many voters didn't limit their reasons to just looks. It seems that some interviewed also provided off-putting personality traits, combined with who they thought had the ugliest mug of all Pokemon. Here is the final top 10.

10. Victreebel: 27 votes


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9. Magmortar: 28 votes


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8. Gloom: 29 votes


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7. Exeggutor: 32 votes


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5. Skrelp: 34 votes (Tie)


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5. Hypno: 34 votes (Tie)


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4. Jynx: 37 votes


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3. Weezing: 39 votes


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2. Muk: 74 votes


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1. Grimer: 99 votes


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Well there you have it. Gotta feel bad for poor Grimer, who now has this dubious title on his dirty resume. That said though, he can always be comforted by the fact that it was just 500 people, and just because he may not fit the Japanese niche of kawaii doesn't mean others don't find him cute!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.