It's often that those that venture to Japan at some point in there lives comes back with strange and indescribable gifts for their friends, but the tables have been turned for this Japanese Twitter user.

Shogokuu616 recently posted a tweet about a toy of Elsa from Disney's Frozen that he received from his brother as a gift from the Philippines.

I don't get the Elsa toy that my brother bought for me in the Philippines...

Instructions unclear. Elsa head spun around and turned into a glowing disco ball that plays the Beverly Hills Cop theme.

That's right, the crazy toy is a spin-em-up that plays the classic movie theme and lights up the room. Just for clarification, Shogokuu616's brother posted their own version.

The Philippines are incredible.

There's been reports of Spiderman heads that do similar tricks as well. It's definitely not what we expected from them, but we're secretly glad that they didn't play "Let it Go" for the billionth time!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.