Japan loves amusement parks. Even as the digital gaming and virtual reality boom is slowly taking away the fun of meeting real people, Japanese folks certainly still enjoy the real atmosphere of going to Osaka’s Universal Studio, or Tokyo’s Disneyland, and you can bet each day still requires a long wait for each single attraction.

The next big amusement attraction coming to Japan is the “Legoland,” and will be located in Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya. Different from the Legoland Discovery Centers in Tokyo and Osaka, it’s a full-scale outdoor amusement park, with many things you can wish for, including riding a LEGO car, entering a LEGO castle, LEGO boating school, LEGO robot fight, LEGO Aquarium and more circular blocks theme attractions.

Legoland's imagery map scale.

Japan’s Legoland will open their door on April 1st next year. Adult’s tickets are priced at 17,300 (US$159), and 13,300 for kids. After the construction is finished, this will be Lego’s 8th amusement park in the world.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.