We've seen some truly mind-blowing artistry from LEGO enthusiasts in the past. Whether it is crafting a music box that plays the beautiful tunes of one of our favorite Studio Ghibli films, or food models that look strangely blocky and delicious, the timeless toy building blocks can really be used to make something special. So while the prospect of making a LEGO model of Japan's largest and most iconic castle alone would be impressive enough, one man went above and beyond when he made a pop-up LEGO model of the iconic Himeji Castle.


Source: YouTube

Japanese YouTuber and LEGO master Talapz is no stranger to making impressive sculptures out of LEGO pieces, having built beautiful and playful versions of Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto as well as Todai-ji in Nara in the past. This time he's added a whole new scale to his LEGO building, making a giant pop-up book style Himeji Castle. The castle, located in Hyogo prefecture, has a storied history with intact defense mechanisms from Japan's feudal period. As Japan's most visited castle and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's no wonder Talapz chose to tackle it.


It took roughly 15 months for Talapz to put this impressive pop-up castle together, and every bit of it shows with how accurately he was able to replicate the famous castle, and also with how strangely satisfying it is to watch him unfold it. Take a look!

Weighing in at 12.5 kilograms (27.5 pounds) and measuring 70 x 70 x 11.5 cm (27.5 x 27.5 x 4.5 inches), it's an impressive feat that pushes the boundaries for what these timeless building blocks can do with a little creativity and historic inspiration.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.