While Tokyo offers so much exciting and bustling eye candy, Kyoto is often considered the heart of traditional Japan, and rightfully so. The ancient capital is a must-visit on the itineraries of visitors to Japan, as it offers natural beauty and serves as a cultural center in which the charm and splendor of Japan's ancient traditions are kept alive. But for all the attention that Kyoto's variety of gorgeous temples and shrines attract, the incredible natural grace of the general Kyoto area sometimes takes a back seat. Fortunately, this stunning 4K footage of Kyoto's sprawling beauty is a faithful reminder of just how awesome the area is, and may have you booking a ticket before you finish watching!

Fushimi Castle


Source: YouTube

The video comes courtesy of Tyler Walkey at Awa Drone, which has a selection of brilliant 4K quality aerial footage of locations in Japan. If you've never been to Kyoto, do yourself a favor and check out this awesome video that shows you what lies beyond the temples and shrines. And if you've been before, take a bird's-eye-view to see what you may have missed.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.