Amezaiku, or the art of Japanese candy craft, has long been a part of Japan’s traditional culture. Artisans have been making crafted candy since the Edo Period, and back then they walked through the towns, selling their intricate creations by hand.

The gorgeous art of amezaiku still lives on to this day, and one of the places still passing down the tradition is Ame-Shin, a store/atelier in Asakusa. They have gained fame for their Uchiwa (fan) Lollipops, all of which have been deemed “too beautiful to eat” by their myriad of fans.



Lollipops With Seasonal Designs

Each lollipop is adorned with old-fashioned designs of plants and animals that, for many Japanese people, bring about a rush of nostalgia. The pictures on the candies change with the passing of the seasons, and include soft pink blizzards of cherry blossoms and irises during the spring, and vivid hydrangeas, willows, and swallows during the summer.

And since June 1st, 2016, a new pattern of hydrangeas has been added to the lineup, allowing customers to cool off from the summer heat with these beautiful summery designs.

Not surprisingly, they’ve become popular gifts, although many recipients have been posting on Twitter that they’re just too pretty to eat.

But then again, you could always keep them in their wrappers and place them in a room as decoration. Whether you decide to eat them or not, they’ll be incredibly satisfying either way.

They also have designs of cats for all the cat-lovers out there, and lollipops shaped as goldfish, frogs, and other animals.



If you’re lucky enough to visit the store’s Soramachi location, you’ll even get the chance to see the artisans make the lollipops right in front of you.


Delicious as they may be, they’re just as — if not even more — beautiful, and could easily be a decorative item if you don’t have the heart to pop them in your mouth. Simple, gorgeous and traditionally Japanese, they’ll make subtle yet perfect gifts and souvenirs for when you’re looking to bring home a piece of Japan.

Main Atelier in Asakusa
Hours: 11:00AM~6:00PM
Location: 1-4-3 Imado, Taitō-ku, Tokyo, 1F

Tokyo Skytree Town Soramachi Store
Hours: 10:00AM~9:00PM
Location: Tokyo Skytree Town, Soramachi 4F, East Yard 11

Ame-Shin Official Website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.