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Sushi Chef Crafts Awesome Star Wars Veggie Sculptures

You never want to rely too much on validity of stereotypes, but many Japanese people like to think of themselves as being skilled or crafty with their hands. While you obviously can't say that about everyone, it's definitely a required trait of sushi chefs, who must rely on trained and steady hands to make perfectly crafted and cared for sushi. That ability apparently transfers over to their free time, as talented sushi chef Okitsugu Kado has been carving awesome Star Wars vegetable sculptures.

Chef Kado started off this interesting hobby by carving a vegetable R2-D2 for his friends, and over the years has created at least 91 vegetable sculptures since. Here are a few of his healthy sci-fi creations.

And here's an interview at a Star Wars Celebration where the man himself shows off some of his carrot-slicing skills and history with a delicious-looking Millennium Falcon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.