Japanese convenience stores live up to their name by allowing customers to handle quite a bit of errands such as paying utility bills, buying concert tickets, and sending mail. It's their selection of sometimes surprisingly high quality food that draws in hungry customers and even captivates visiting Olympic reporters, however, and the vast array of delicious sandwiches may have something to do with that.

While the idea of a convenience store sandwich may not initially whet your appetite, Japan offers quite a few delicious ones, including adventurous twists such as gyoza pizza and pudding sandwiches.

Hoping to put together some sort of guide to this sea of sandwiches, we decided to put together a "ranking" based on a balance of calories and how filling the ingredients were in 12 of the most popular sandwiches found at 7-Eleven (since there's no accounting for personal taste)!

Here's how things broke down:

12. Strawberries, Custard, and Whipped Cream

One of Japan's hit fruit sandwiches, which have become somewhat of an Instagrammable phenomenon. The fluffy white bread used makes this the sandwich equivalent of a custardy strawberry shortcake.

11. Pork Cutlet Sandwich with Sauce (Tonkatsu)

This hearty sandwich serves up premium Sangen pork slathered in tonkatsu sauce, along with a bed of cabbage and mayo. It also is recommended to be microwaved for those looking for the satisfaction of a hot tonkatsu meal with their sandwich.

10. Pork, Ham, and Cucumber

Actually called the "juicy ham sandwich" in Japanese, this refreshing sandwich is cut into four thin slices and packs an extra crunch due to the cucumbers.

9. Potato Salad

The mashed potatoes used are filled with larger chunks of potatoes, as well as carrots, onions, cucumbers, and chunks of ham.

8. Peach, Mandarin Orange, and Pineapple

A mixed fruit sandwich with a tropical flavor, layers of different sweetness, and also served on spongey white bread that makes the custard and whipped cream sandwich seem like a cake.

7. Tuna Salad, Ham, Lettuce, Egg & Sauce

A mixed sandwich with just a bit of everything, and cut into thin slices to be enjoyed as a light snack.

6. Chicken & Egg with Teriyaki Sauce

Chicken slathered with a healthy serving of a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce, served with a large egg and some lettuce as well.

5. Ham Cutlet, Cabbage, Egg Salad, and Sauce

This fried ham cutlet was thicker seems to be thicker than many sold on their own in Japan, covering most of the bread as well. Along with the egg salad spread, it was definitely one of the more filling.

4. Shrimp Cutlet with Sauce

A crispy but juicy shrimp cutlet sandwich not unlike McDonald's Japan's Shrimp Filet-O burger that definitely doesn't skimp on portion.

3. Tomato, Lettuce, Ham, Egg, Caesar Sauce

A healthy "salad sandwich", it was priced a bit higher than most. The mix of veggies, a half-boiled egg, and spicy Cobb sauce provided some flavor that made up for the not-so-stacked sandwich.

2. Egg Salad Sandwich

Iconic chef and travel enthusiast Anthony Bourdain was known for his high praise of the simple egg salad sandwich at Japanese convenience store Lawson, and 7-Eleven's offering is no slouch either. The sandwich contains a large serving of rich and full-flavored eggs with an addictive fluffy texture and subtle seasoning.

1. Chicken Cutlet with Sauce

This juicy chicken katsu sandwich with fresh mayonnaise-dressed cabbage and katsu sauce has been a long-selling favorite in Japan. The thin slices of bread in contrast to the thick and juicy slices of chicken cutlet make for a mouthwatering treat.

So there you have it, while 7-Eleven is always releasing new (and sometimes region-exclusive) sandwiches in Japan, these 12 can pretty much be looked at as their standard menu. The variety means there is a delicious option for everyone, but in accordance with the filling to calorie "ranking" system we used, here's how the calories totaled up for each sandwich.

Chicken Cutlet with Sauce: 467 calories

Egg Salad Sandwich: 369 calories

Tomato, Lettuce, Ham, Egg, Caesar Sauce: 199 calories

Shrimp Cutlet with Sauce: 477 calories

Ham Cutlet, Cabbage, Egg Salad, and Sauce: 419 calories

Chicken & Egg with Teriyaki Sauce: 364 calories

Tuna Salad, Ham, Lettuce, Egg & Sauce: 340 calories

Peach, Mandarin Orange, and Pineapple: 309 calories

Potato Salad Sandwich: 277 calories

Pork, Ham, and Cucumber: 360 calories

Pork Cutlet Sandwich with Sauce (Tonkatsu): 694 calories

Strawberries, Custard, and Whipped Cream: 318 calories

Initially we thought the meat-based sandwiches would be higher in calories, as well as the dessert types, but overall there was not much difference as only the potato sandwich and tomato sandwich were below 300 calories. On the contrary, the only sandwich that exceeded 500 calories was the tonkatsu.

So unless you're a strict calorie-counter, why not try two? Bon appetite!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.