A good smile can earn yourself a good impression and bring you closer to people. Well, that’s the basics in terms of foreign standards. Japan sees it differently, the demand for smiles is so way over top of the roof that probably you should drop your smile from now on.

Shiseido is testing a smile software on 5,000 JAL flight attendants between July and September. The app opens up a similar face-time technology on the tablet screen, then criticizes in detail to evaluate your smile quality. The judging process includes 7 areas, from trust, elegance, charm, beauty, likability, affection, to liveliness.

And if you unfortunately fail the screen test, there are no worries, the app includes a smile training app to lesson you in achieving an ultimate nice simile, so you may get back on track to fulfill your dream job as a flight attendant. In each training day, your smile will be recorded like a diary, so to readjust your line angle until it reaches the customer's heart.

If somehow, the smile training isn’t your kind of a deal, you may also attend their ‘smile lectures’ which runs 3 to 5 times a year. As for this year, they had reached over 6000 listeners.

Even though it might feel a little bit over-done in foreigner’s eyes, the Shiseido’s smile quality app surely is something special that could help you to achieve a perfect angle smile.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.