While augmented reality and virtual reality features in apps based on existing anime or game character properties such as Neko Atsume VR or, more recently, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage are beginning to carve out a piece of the smartphone app pie, only a sliver of them are geared towards women, and until now, none of them have allowed you to customize your VR character.

But fear not! IVR, already known for simulation games AR Kanojo and Summer Vacation, has baked up a virtual dish you're sure to love with a sophisticated new smartphone app called "VR Kareshi" (VR Boyfriend), a love simulation game with an exciting VR feature.

According to the press release, you'll be able to create a made-to-order boyfriend, by customizing his looks through parameters such as body type, hair type, skin color and muscle mass, as well as the clothes he wears.

Moreover, fans of voice actors Showtaro Morikubo (Shikamaru in Naruto, Yusuke Makishima in Yowamushi Pedal, and Okita Soshi in the game Hakuoki), Chihiro Suzuki (Soichiro Arima in Kare Kanojo no Jijou, Kouta in Elfen Lied, Luke fon Fabre in Tales of the Abyss), and Yoshimasa Hosoya (Junpei Hyuuga in Kuroko's Basketball, Doppo Kunikida in Bungo Stray Dogs, Joe in Megalobox) are in luck because players can choose between the three to bring your character to life.

Although the details of game play have yet to be revealed, this screen shot (from the game in mid-development) seems to indicate quite a complete set of features, one of which is the AR mode. Most of the story in VR Kareshi is set inside Cafe Harukaze, where your virtual boyfriend apparently works, along with his pet dog Haruo.

You can use the VR viewing device of you choice. Pictured here is the promotional cardboard viewer you'll receive when you visit their booth at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2018 (Sep. 22-23).

You can see some of the game play in action in their promotional video:

For more details and information on when the app will be available, see the VR Kareshi website here.

By - Ben K.