Promotional stunts usually feel a bit tacky, but if yours involves a sumo wrestler skydiving from 4000 meters while a gyoji (a traditional sumo referee) tries to take the perfect photo of him mid-air, then we think we can give you a well-earned pass.


Source: YouTube

This took place in a promotional video for Fujifilm, showing off the instax SHARE SP-2’s feature of instantly printing out the best shot taken. While it would have been impressive enough for this sumo wrestler to dive out of a plane at 300 kilometers per hour in below 10ºC temperatures wearing only a sumo thong, Fujifilm decided to up the ante by having the wrestler complete the sumo ring-entrance ceremony mid-air. This requires some impressive on-the fly pose changing, as well as some comedy from the gyoji frantically trying to take the perfect shot of the plummeting sumo wrestler.

It must take some psyching up to jump out of a plane in a thong.


Source: YouTube

But it looks like the picture was waiting for them once they landed.


Source: YouTube

Check out the full video below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.