With Japan going through its annual summer spell of heat and humidity right now, pets have their own ways of coping. Some Shiba Inu simply refuse to walk without proper compensation, and some cats transform into sleeping deities. Japanese rabbit owner and Twitter user @show_ZGOK, however, is able to find some fun in what is normally a messy shedding season for pets by giving this pet bunny some adorably funny hairdos.

"Shedding season for rabbits is a pain, but there's types of play you can only do during it!

The bunny is named Shiroko, and she's sporting a couple different takes on a tough looking pompadour. As it turns out, Shiroko isn't alone in having these summer hairstyles. Another Twitter user replied with their own bunny shedding wigs.

If you've got some spare bunny hair, it may just be worth a try--rabbits have a documented talent for cutely balancing things on their head.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.