Halloween may not be a native festival to Japan, but it is still one of the more popular events of the year. However, things here are more about the ‘treat’ rather than the ‘trick’, and of course it wouldn’t be Japan if there wasn’t some sort of kawaii spin on things.
Take a look at Mister Donuts, for example, which is spooking things up once again with the return of their Monster Takeover donuts, or consider this pumpkin flavoured nyanchi (nyan cheesecake), which hints at Halloween’s connection to cats, from the ever popular Neko Neko Cheesecake.

Another store shining a light on All Hallows’ Eve and it’s association with our feline friends is sweets brand BUTTER STATE, who are welcoming in Spooktober with their ‘Kuroneko Chocolat’ Cake.

Reimagining the traditional companion of witches into a cute chocolate flavoured cat, the ‘Kuroneko Chocolat’ is the purrfect treat for cat fans, chocolate lovers and Halloween enthusiasts.

Carefully crafted by expert patissiers, the five-layered cake is interlaced with smooth chocolate cream and crunchy chocolate almond mousse. The secret of the cake’s deliciousness all comes down to the charcoal-fired chocolate coating, which brings out the richness and aroma of the cacao beans when roasted.
The charm of Kuroneko Chocolat really comes out with the decorative chocolate eyes and paws, which give the cake it’s kawaii appeal.

Kuroneko Chocolat Cake

Price: 648 yen (tax included)
Availability: 15 September – 31 October 2021
Available from: BUTTER STATE store Daimaru Tokyo, BUTTER STATE store Seibu Ikebukuro, Park and Mog Odakyu Machida, Budou-no-Ki & Kamakuraza Asagaya Store

By - Connie Sceaphierde.