Hatching eggs in Pokemon Go can be a real pain in the ass. Long walks and exercise are always encouraged, but when it comes at the expense of your phone battery for contents you might not even want, it can seem like an obstacle within the game. While some have taken to clever tricks to speed up the process, none have been quite as adorable and charming as this one made by Japanese Twitter user's little sister. @xx9667xx posted this video saying, "The way my little sister evolves her eggs is growing on me."

Using a moving Shaun the Sheep doll on a miniature bicycle, it seems that @xx9667xx's little sister is able to generate just enough movement and speed to get her eggs cracking open to reveal much-wanted Pokemon. Of course, this being Japan, there is a basically cultural love for all things cute, so other Twitter users replied with their own takes on evolving eggs in adorable ways--some claiming inspiration from this clever little sister.

Mike Wazowski gets to work.

Shaun can do it in his sleep.

Of course, not everyone has time to put effort into aesthetics, so office workers and people just chilling in their room have gotten in on the fun.

Cleaning up at the office with a Roomba--while hatching eggs!

Japanese summers are so hot and humid, you just want to sit in front of a fan all day. This girl's brother thought up this idea to hatch eggs, and apparently was able to progress 1 kilometer!

Well that's one way to do it.

A DJ tried this method out, and while they admitted it wasn't successful, it apparently worked for their friend. So try listening to some music while you hatch.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.