Just a few months ago, Housetu Sato created some internet buzz with his giant wearable cat heads, called the "Real Cat Head". The super realistic cat heads that function like a helmet are actually made from felt, and the original was actually made by Housetu Sato and students he taught at the Japanese School of Wool Art. From there the awesome but somewhat night-mare inducing feline mask was displayed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art museum. Sato's knowledge of needle-felting isn't just limited to these surreal cat helmets, however, but also needle felting regular cat crafts. Now, for the first time, his enormous and super-realistic felt cat heads are on sale.


Source: PR Times

When asked by PR Times what led to the making of these ultra-realistic pet heads, Sato replied that at a school festival he and his students made a two meter tall maneki neko (a Japanese good luck charm in the form of a cat asking for money). People took photos and enjoyed it a lot, and after playing around by placing its head on his students, they decided to try out a realistic version.

Struggling indie band? Use some cat heads for attention!


Source: PR Times

Job interview? Rock it in a cat head!


Source: PR Times

Failed the job interview because of your cat head? Sulk in a cat head!


Source: PR Times

Go on a date in cat heads!


Source: PR Times

Due to popular demand, the Real Cat Heads are now being sold at Dwango. They are made to order from scratch and thus are available in a bit of a limited quantity. Unfortunately you'll need some Japanese ability to order them through the site, although perhaps if you inquired nicely enough at Sato's blog, he may go the extra mile to accommodate you. Be forewarned, their cost ranges from 600,000 yen ($5706.14 USD) and above!

Hand crafted from felt.


Source: PR Times

Watch people get lost in your creepy realistic feline eyes.


Source: PR Times

As a bonus, here are some pictures of the original cat head that got all the attention in the first place.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.