At first, you might think this may be a resting bed for your smartphone. Yes it could be, but it's actually for your sponge.

Japan looks at sponges as essential items, and an important cleaning tool to finish the dirty duties. You might think this is a bit too much for a simple of sponge, but this kind of quirky nuance is exactly why Japan is so clean and neat almost everywhere you go.

The company Clean Dreams designed the elegant kitchen sponge holder in the size of 8×11.5×8.5 inch. The little rest bed includes 2 white pillows which is made of plastic, and underneath the bed are holes to dry the sponge even faster.

The Sponge kitchen holder makes cleaning less boring, and more relaxed. You can find them on OTOTO, with a small price of 15 USD for a small bed.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.